August 14, 2013

Loreal Lolly Jolly

Late spring Loreal launched their limited edition Miss Candy nail collection for summer with polishes in a gellie (jelly) formula. Polish peoples went crazy and I was one of them. I own almost all of them and they are fantastic!

They are sheer polishes and meant to be and have a translucent finish that is a bit reminicent of jello. These are great for layering with glitter polishes to make a 'jelly sandwich'.

 Lolly Jolly is a sheer bright red with a great formula. Opacity is questionable depending on the amount of visible nail line you have. If you want complete coverage and no visible nail line I would recommend layering over white or a red creme polish the same shade.

This really looked like I was wearing little slabs of red jello on my nails, I loved it Thanks for stopping by.


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