December 10, 2013

So Melissa over at GlitterFists has nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award! Yay! Thank you so much Melissa! I am nominating the following other bloggers:

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Well here are my 7 random facts:

1. I LOVE giraffes and have since I was a kid. I only really wanted to go to Toys 'R Us to see Jeffrey and would cry when it was time to leave, lol.

2. I hate blueberries. I know, i'm a weirdo. I'm sure they are delicious and all but they are blech to me. Blueberry Muffins smell like urine to me.

3. I hate the feeling of cotton on my nails. It gives me the heebie jeebies! 99% of the time I use a scrubby tub with faux Zoya +.

4. I've outgrown most fears but i'm still deathly afraid of Freddy Krueger. He gets you in your dreams, man.

5. I have lived in four states: California, Oklahoma, Washington State, and currently South Carolina.

6. I have trouble making friend as an adult, i'm a bit shy and a wee bit awkward.

7. I love peanut butter! It goes on...everything! Next time you have a cinnamon roll, smear a bit of peanut butter on it and pop it in the microwave. You can thank me later.

Tell me 7 random facts about you in the comments and thanks for stopping by.

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