August 1, 2013

Today I have a manicure with three of the new Wet n' Wild Pop Art Craze polishes.

A Blank Canvas - White creme. Very streaky (more so than the WnW French Creme) and a bit thick. I used two coats.

Slowly and See - A bright aqua blue creme. This formula was fantastic and easy to work with.

Listening to Blue Reed - A bright blue creme, same as the former a great polish to work with.

I used my Pueen plate to stamp the design on my nails and sealed with a coat of Out The Door.

I really wish Wet n' Wild would come with more releases of their Wild Shine formula. It feels like we used to get a new collection each season of these babies and now it seems more like twice a year and it's such a bummer because they are always such great colors with a stellar formula.

Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. I just took Teal Slowly and See off my nails, lol. I love that color! Your design is really cute.