August 30, 2013

This summer has had some of the best releases when it comes to nail polish (makeup was a bit underwhelming for me this season). China Glaze release a collection of summer neons which consisted of creams and jellies, exciting right? Well based on reviews (and experience) the formulas on these were a bit of a let down. But, being the polish obsessed lady I am I had to give in to a few and I bring you one of them today.

 China Glaze Heat Index is a bright neon hot pink with a jellie finish. It is sheer and it is a bit streaky (which is normal for neon polishes) but builds up nicely depending on what you use a base (more on that in a moment).

Icing Written In The Stars is a glitter bomb of multi shaped holo and silver glitters and blue holo star glitters in a purple tinted base. If you are ever looking for unique polishes at a great price point locally try Icing, I have purchased so many amazing polishes there.

Pictured here is one coat of Heat Index with and without base coat. My middle and ring finger I have used Essence Better Than Gel Nails base coat which has a rosy milky color and helps the color pop more. Of course you could layer this polish over a creme polish of the same color and achieve the look of a jelly manicure without so many layers.

Here is two coats. Again, my middle and ring finger are much more saturated and brighter.

Then I added a coat of Written In The Stars and added one more coat of Heat Index on top and instant jelly sandwich!

This manicure was fun! My daughter is painting her nails right now recreating this herself. Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend.