September 11, 2013

Recently a fellow blogger (her name escapes me at this moment) posted her haul of a few polishes she picked up at Charlotte Russe. So while at the mall grabbing lunch with my little one I decided to take a trip inside and see what they had. I picked these two (my daughter actually picked up a stunning teal, maybe she will post swatches, lol).

Unfortunately these do not have names (It really irks my nerves when polishes aren't named) so I will be describing these from left to right.

Love, Charlotte (Left) is a milky glitter polish with a very light blue grey translucent base with light blue and pink hex glitter. This could be used for layering no problem. It's best to use thinner layers if you want to wear it alone. It did not require fishing for glitters and is a good formula as well.

Love, Charlotte (Right) is a clear base glitter with tons of rose gold glitter and rose gold hex glitter. This is great for layering but can be worn almost to full opacity alone. I had been eyeing quite a few polishes like this and glad I decided to give in.

This is three coats with top coat. It's a bit thick and there is visible nail line but look how beautiful?

This is three THICK coats with one coat of gel top coat for smoothing. It is very chunky and thick I don't recommend wearing it this way but it sure is pretty.

I would recommend both of these polishes. Next time you're at the mall check out Charlotte Russe!

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  1. They look really nice the way you did them, but I don't usually have the patience for 3 coats, lol.