October 19, 2013

*these items were provided in exchange for an honest review*

Happy Saturday folks! Today i'm very excited to bring to you the World Opulence collection from a new indie brand called Kilox Lacquers.

"kiloX lacquers was started with a single goal in mind; to make a lacquer that looked like Morgan's beloved cat Kilo. A black lacquer with the perfect shimmer and green flash. After mixing and matching a franken polish that captured her heart, Morgan decided to recreate it to share with the world. 
Accompanying KILO during kiloX lacquers' launch is the Rescue Collection and the Fall 2013 World Opulence collection, a collection of lacquers inspired by rich gemstones from around the world.
kiloX lacquers focuses on quality, beauty, and customer service. kiloX Lacquers are 5 free."

Columbian Emerald  is described as a lush, tropical green that shimmers from within. Two different sizes of Emerald microglitter glisten like the stone that inspired them. This color is a bit complex! Look at the polish on my ring finger near my cuticle, it's a bit charcoal! In one single coat, the glitter shined beautifully but the second coat sandwiched it so I would recommend using this in a single coat over a polish with a similar base color.

 Australian Silver is described as an elegant silver metallic. I usually don't like silver polish but I LOVED this one! The formula was great with just a tinge of visible nail line after two coats (easily fixed with a third or a milky base coat). It really felt like Christmas on my fingertips!
 Burmese Ruby is described as a rich red metallic lacquer with scattered ruby microglitter throughout. Like Columbian Emerald, the glitter disappeared at second coat so I would recommend undies for this one as well. But the formula was good but it's streaky so I in the future I would definitely sponge on a coat. This is two coats.
Egyptian Amethyst is described as a sheer wash of metallic lavendar allows square glitters, microglitters, and hex glitters to shine in this Egyptian Amethyst inspired lacquer. These photos don't even do this polish justice! The glitters got trapped second coat but all the microglitters came out beautifully and shine nicely. I really love this base color and the shimmer of it all. This is two coats.

Norwegian Topaz is described as Norwegian Topaz lacquer begins with a deep orange metallic and is accented by amber glitter squares and a sprinkling of toasted microglitter. I didn't expect to like this but I love it and it's the same color as my birthstone. Orange polish usually looks terrible on me but this is a winner. You get it all, good metallic effect, the glitter, the holo microglitter especially! I actually wore this one for two days and got a lot of compliments. This is two coats.

Sri Lankan Sapphire is described as Deep as the South Asian ocean, Sri Lankan Sapphire has deep blue, navy, and sky blue microglitters to evoke the many facets of the beautiful stone it's named for. This is my favorite polish from this collection! It has the same mysterious deep base that peeks through like Columbian Emerald, it has the microglitters that didn't get lost...it's just beautiful! This is two coats. Even my daughter put it on after she saw my nails.

Opulent is described as a topcoat that turns any polish into a beautiful scattered holographic.Yes, my photo mistakenly says Opulence, sorry. But this is my absolute favorite of all! These photos were INDOORS with flash and still get crazy holo effect! I recommend purchasing this one because it adds so much to any regular mani. This is one coat over a purple cream polish.
See what I mean? This was just a normal gray manicure for work, nothing special. But add Opulent and BAM! Even the FedEx guy complimented me on my nails. 

And there you have it! Kilox Lacquers retail at $12.00 each but the whole collection is actually on sale right now for $60.00 so be sure to check them out and thanks for stopping by.


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