April 9, 2014

Hey everyone! Today I have a review of a great new cuticle oil that I highly recommend from ellagee. This past winter was really rough on my hands. It was incredibly cold, I was moving and doing so much with my hands, and had been sick for a while. This resulted in very dry nails, peelies and major breaks. My only saving grace has been this cuticle oil.

Ellagee Cuticle Oil is available is two scents, Nature's Bouquet and Orange Blossom Special. I used Orange Blossom Special which is a combination of orange oil, honeysuckle oil, and tea tree oil. The scent is delicate and smells of oranges and honey but doesn't linger very long. The consistency is a bit thick but very moisturizing and absorbs quickly into the skin.

Here are my nails. Dry, damaged, uneven, overgrown cuticles, and so yellow.  I decided to buff my nails and give them a nice oiling with the ellagee cuticle oil.

These are my nails after filing, trimming my cuticles, buffing and oiling my nails liberally and placing latex free gloves on my hands for 20 minutes. My nails look and feel so much healthier, whiter, and strong. 

This cuticle oil is definitely a keeper. A little goes a VERY long way as I have been using this oil for the past two months and have barely made a dent. You can purchase this cuticle oil online at ellagee.com and you can check out her gorgeous nail polish as well and keep up to date with ellagee on Facebook.

What is your favorite cuticle oil? Let me know in the comments and thanks for stopping by. 

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