August 6, 2013

First let me say that when the nail boards and blogs started talking about this polish I was really excited. Firstly because it is a dupe of Floam by Ninja Polish. Kids that grew up in the 90's remember Floam right?

Yeah that squishy stuff that your parents prayed you wouldn't get into the carpet. Well Ninja Polish created a polish that looks quite like the green and blue version of this stuff. Well this summer Salon Perfect released three matte glitter polishes one of which is a dupe for Floam.

Kaboom contains matte micro glitter in neon yellow and blue. It can be used as a layering polish or built up to opacity on it's own. I have swatches of the latter.

This is three coats of Kaboom with a hefty four coats of Seche Vite. In the future I would use this for layering. I should have used thinner coats as well. But still a very pretty and unique polish that i'm glad to own.

This manicure really makes me want to squish some floam through my fingers it was such a strange texture. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I almost bought these when they came out and then didn't, because I wasn't sure of them. Then they went on clearance for $2 at Walmart and I almost bought them again, but the texture just really threw me off. It looks nice here. At least this one does.

    1. They eat top coat like crazy so if you do decide to get them (they look nice layered with other glitters or jelly sandwich)I would use gelous or a glitter topcoat.