August 7, 2013

Last week I decided to go through my nail polish stash and take a quick inventory of all of my untried polishes. About a month previously I purged 43 polishes, however, you saw my vacation haul right? What I thought were around 80 untrieds turned out to be a whopping 112 untried polishes! Yikes!

So I more than likely will be lemming for a while until I get this under control. I must admit though, it is fun shopping your stash.

Today's manicure was created with three untried polishes. I was really in the mood for something pink and these colors were perfect.

 Love and Beauty - Coral: A not so coral to me pink crelly (more on this later).
Barielle - High Heels: A light pink creme polish.
Color Club - No name sticker (more on this later as well).

I began with one coat of High Heels and then went to sponge on Coral but it was so jelly like it made it difficult to sponge on. But with some work, I got it. Not my best gradient due to this issue. I smoothed on a coat of my mysterious Color Club and sealed with top coat.

If you shop at Ross they frequently have Color Club polishes in 6-8 packs with no names for 7.99 which is an incredible value considering these polishes usually run about $8 a pop. It's a bit annoying to have no name and search online but for the gorgeous polishes at that price point it's well worth the added effort.


  1. I really love the cotton candy look! Tried the sponging again with little success, I did better with the saran wrap.

  2. sorry Vick The only way I could comment was as Anonymous! Lauren