November 7, 2013

So if you keep up with me on my Facebook page you will know that I had quite the shopping week and ordered a ton of new polish. One of being from Amy of Literary Lacquer.

Laters Baby, If It Pleases You, Lake of Shining Waters, Green Gables, Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster, Raspberry Cordial?, Strawberry Ice Cream Soma

On top of my order Amy was gracious enough to send a few extras so i'm reviewing the entire set I received.

 Laters, Baby is a deep charcoal linear holographic nail polish with added fine holographic glitter for extra sparkle love. I'd first like to note that it was very cloudy with no sun over the weekend so this swatch is only with flash and despite that the holo is awesome! This is three thin coats on bare nails with no top coat. The formula was perfect no issues with this one.

If It Pleases You is a deep plum with a touch of brown (or bruise colored if you will) linear holographic polish. Two coats and perfection! Again this is indoor flash only.

Lake of Shining Waters is a murky teal linear holographic polish. This is three thin coats, there is still a bit of visible nail line with flash but in person it isn't noticeable and i'm sure with a milky base coat it wouldn't be visible. Again perfect formula.

Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster is a vibrant turquoise blue linear holographic polish with added fine holographic glitter. This one is a bit sheer in thin coats with visible nail line but can be easily fixed with a milky base coat and maybe an extra coat. Again it's perfect formula.

Green Gables is a mid-toned grass green linear holographic polish.This is three thin coats with visible nail line but again, basecoat will fix that. I usually don't like many mid tone greens but the blue in the holo makes up for all of it. Formula consistent with it's buddies and perfect.

 Raspberry Cordial? is a raspberry pink linear holographic polish with added holo glitter. The formula on this one was a bit thin but only needed two coats for full coverage. There is a bit of visible nail line but again, basecoat. I like this but wasn't in love with it, would have loved it to be a bit more red/purple but still incredibly gorgeous.

Strawberry Ice Cream Soma is a warm pink crelly holo. This is my absolute favorite. This is definitely my kind of pink and the holo just puts it over the edge for me. This is three thin coats and perfect in every single way. It's definitely office appropriate and for those not a fan of really bold nails gives you just enough to feel fancy.

You can purchase Literary Lacquers from Amy's etsy page here and check out her facebook page for updates.

So which is your favorites? I seriously love all of them but am in love with Strawberry Ice Cream Soma! Let me know in the comments and thanks for stopping by.

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