November 12, 2013

Nanacoco Nail Polish Review

G over at Nouveau Cheap posted about this brand and she was only the second person I had ever heard mention this polish. I had previously heard great things about their lipglosses in makeup circles with women hunting them down and after seeing the array of polishes they had, I had to have them. I ordered 12 polishes and will be showing you 11 of them (I really didn't like the swatches of one in particular).

Big Hit has a clear base with blue, gold, red and silver glitter in varying shapes and sizes. The coverage is pretty good and didn't require fishing. The base is a bit thick. These photos show one coat over Essie Maximillion Strausser and also mattified.

Gorgeous has a clear base with white, peach and bronze glitter and white bar glitter. I had to fish slightly for the large white hexes. This is one coat over Nanacoco - Jealous Lady.

Lovelipop has a clear base with bright orange hex and round glitter.  Two coats shown here over Sinful Colors Endless Blue, bottom photos show it mattified.

Sweeter than Sweet has a clear base with heart shapped glitter, round and small glitter in pink, purple and gold. I had to fish for the hearts but otherwise this formula was great and so cute! This is over two coats of Wet n Wild 2% milk. This would look amazing matte.

Magic Kingdom is a deep blue with medium blue shimmer. This is a one coater but I applied two coats. Formula was perfect.

Fly to the Galazy is a deep blueish purple jelly loaded with holographic glitter. This is one coat over Magic Kingdom. This is highly textured and eats topcoat like a crazed villian.

Jealous Lady is a deep plum with shimmer. The shimmer is really only visible with flash and nearly non-existent in person. This is two coats with no top coat and formula is great.

Cream in Purple is a milky jelly sandwich with a very sheer light pink base and pink and purple glitter. This is two coats over one thin coat of Sinful Colors Mauve. The formula was great.

Shu Cream is a milky jelly sandwich with a nude base and white, gold, and bronzey glitter. This is two coats over one coat of Wet N Wild 2% Milk. This was my least favorite and a bit boring, I think some chocolate brown glitter would have made it a bit more interesting.

Milky Shaky is a milky jelly sandwich with a baby blue base and pink and blue glitter. This is two coats over one coat of Sinful Colors Cinderella. I love this one!

French Macaron is a milky jelly sandwich with a seafoam green base with blue and green glitter. This is two coats over one coat of American Apparel Office. This is my favorite. I wore it alone for three days mattified for a frosted glass look and I love it layered as well. If you get no other Nanacoco polishes...GET THIS ONE!

So which is your favorite? I may order more I was really impressed with the formula and at 1.99 per polish it won't break the bank if your expectations aren't met (like mine on just one color). Let me know what you think in the comments and thanks for stopping by.


  1. Thanks for posting this! I've actually been looking for an orange glitter.

  2. Finally, a review of these! Just saw a bottle of this online and wondered how the polishes were. They look great! Thanks for posting!! :)