September 2, 2013

I love a set of nice nails. Maybe that sounds a bit weird but I really do and I let people know too. Yeah, that does sound weird. But weird or not, nail care is just as important, if not more, as nail polish and nail art.

I haven't always had nice nails, I actually used to be a biter. I had chewed up nubs, hang nails and rough dry cuticles. At about 23 I decided to go get gel overlays out of the blue and this of course curbed my biting addiction, but it didn't solve the problem of my thin, peeling, prone to breaking nails.

Keeping my nails polished helped a lot but they would still break. After about two years of experimentation I have found the right combination of products that works for me and I would like to share that with you today.

These are my naked (sans colored polish) nails. Freshly filed, cuticles trimmed, nail whitener, and vitamin E oil. My nails are stained but I don't worry much about it because I rarely wear no polish or very sheer polishes.

Cuticle Care

After I remove all of my polish and have filed my dry nails, I take care of my cuticles. The cuticle remover I use is Blue Cross (purchased at Sallys). It is a VERY large bottle so I filled an old polish bottle for easier use.

I personally trim/cut my cuticles. There is a lot of debate over this, many people are against it but I cut mine. I have very thick cuticles and pushing them back doesn't help much. I use the black cuticle nipper shown in the photo and it is easy and pain free.

I use two different cuticle oils. The vitamin e oil shown above and Badger Cuticle Care balm (not shown) both are great and a little goes a long way. I use cuticle oil whenever within reach several times per day.


Every now and then I use my Essence Pro White Effect treatment if I might be wearing a sheer polish (not often) or had a lot of staining. It isn't a necessary type of treatment at all in my opinion.

Now, my Essence Gel Basecoat is another story. I love this basecoat, it sorta works as 'underwear' for many polishes and it keeps my manicure chip free. 

Duri Rejuvacote Nail Growth System is my holy grail strengthening base coat. I purchased this a couple months ago and really credit it to saving my nails. I have had two very minor breaks caused by force of doing something physical in about two months versus a new break each week. 

Ignore that sneaky topcoat that snuck her way into this photo. She's sneaky like that.


These (plus that sneaky Out The Door) are my usual topcoats. Each comes with it's own special grievance.

Essence Gel-look is the top coat that never dries. Literally. I do however like to use this then a layer of a quick dry top coat for a gel look that, you know, dries.

Seche Vite is an amazing top coat. It dries super fast, it gets a great gel like finish, it smooths out glitter for crying out loud! But it shrinks my polish each and every single time. 

NYC Grand Central Station is my least favorite of the bunch. It is very thin and it bubbles like crazy on me for some reason. 

Out The Door dries quickly and doesn't shrink on me but happens to be a bit thin.

And I of course use hand creams and lotions constantly. I'm not picky but a slightly oily hand cream is my favorite. The keep to nice nails is keeping them strong and keeping the moisturized. Makes for happy hands.

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  1. Thanks for the info. I may have to try some of those products. I didn't use to have bad nails, but now that I have a very hands on job I find my nails breaking and chipping and peeling from being so dry.