September 1, 2013

It's always been a must for me to stop into Icing for nail polish anytime i'm in the mall. They have always had such amazing polishes (especially glitters) and I have never been let down...until now.

The sales associate told me they are changing the bottles on all their polishes to these square bottles (which I like a lot) however there were NO glitter polishes of the selection of square bottles, so I hope this doesn't mean the end of amazing glitter polishes at Icing.

Icing - Hunt Me Down is a hunter green creme polish. This polish was very thick and difficult to work with. Perhaps thinning would fix this issue because the polish really is beautiful.

Icing - Sweetie is a pastel slightly muted baby pink creme. This polish was much easier to work with and nearly a one coater!

 (two coats with top coat)
(with one coat of matte top coat)

(both photos two coats with one coat of top coat)

The biggest issue with these polishes overall is the bottle. I couldn't open either bottle I had to remove the cap and unscrew them then reattach. The cap on Sweetie took several minutes to open and now I can close the bottle shut (as you can see in the above photos) so I plan to decant because I like this polish but will probably return Hunt Me Down. 

And then the brush. With both bottles the brush seems almost round, wide, and cut unevenly. It didn't cause too many issues but definitely not the standard that i'm used to.
Overall, these are a bit of a gamble and with the bottle issue (which I hope they fix soon) you would have to decant. I think if you see a shade you really like it's worth it. If not, I would wait to see if they remedy the bottle issue. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Both of these look fantastic on you!

  2. Hey there... your perfectly painted and maincuted nails are such an inspiration.. I'm learning a lot on your blog! I'm wondering if you can give details on decanting??

    1. Hey Trina! I go though a lot of bottles of top coat and treatments and I save those empty bottles for decanting or mixing my own polish. Sometimes if a brand is really cheap or on sale I will pick up polish to (.60 for a bottle of clear polish? Why not if I can use the bottle).

      What I do is clean the empty bottles with pure acetone and then dump out the acetone once all clean and leave open for about 30 minutes for all acetone to evaporate (do NOT add water). Then I will pour the polish into the bottle and done!

      I actually did that immediately with Sweetie into an old Wet N. Wild bottle and placed the label on my decanted bottle.