October 29, 2013

When I heard that Drew Barrymore had released her own line of cosmetics at Wal-Mart I was so excited! But it proved even more difficult to find a location that actually carried it! So I stopped by the location close to my new job and found them! And it was like:

It was hard to settle on these four and I know I will definitely be back for the rest of them.

Go With the Flow-er, That's Just Dan-De-Lion, I Lavendar You, Eye of the Tiger Lily

Go With the Flow-er is a cool beige creme polish with no shimmer.  The formula is amazing this is two coats with no top coat.

That's Just Dan-De-Lion is a pastel peach with silver micro shimmer that I was unable to catch on camera and is only really picked up in bright lights on the nail. The formula with this one again was fantastic but it is a little sheer. This is three thin coats.

I Lavendar You! is a pastel lavender with blue micro shimmer that definitely translates in photos and on the nail. This one is my favorite, just like the previous polish it is a bit sheer but who cares! Great formula and just a beauty. This is three thin coats.

Eye of the Tiger Lily is a bright orange jelly. The two top photos are much more color accurate. The formula was like butter with this one and had great application, it was literally like gel. This is three coats with no basecoat. It builds up nicely though for a jelly and would make for an awesome jelly sandwich. I usually abhor orange polish but this one is a keeper for me.

I definitely recommend this brand. Awesome color selection and reasonably priced at $4.99 per bottle. So do you like any of these shades? Let me know in the comments and thanks for stopping by.


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