October 28, 2013

Hello everyone! Today I bring you swatches from Mainstream Lacquer's Big Bang Theory Collection! As I said in my previous review of the Mean Girls collection their customer service is awesome and Rini ships fast!

Brown Dynamite
Brown Dynamite over Jesse's Girl Fashion Friday

Brown Dynamite is a glitter bomb of multi colored square glitter. Had to dab a little bit but good glitter coverage. Index finger has two coats.

King Of Nerds

King of The Nerds is described as a grey base with teal, mint, white, and black glitters. This is three coats with top coat. I really love this one but i'm always a sucker for a glitter sandwich.

Our Whole Universe
OWU over Sinful Colors Mauve
Our Whole Universe is all of the glitter from the other polishes in this collection and put them in a clear base. That's 23 different glitters! Square, round, hex, matte, metallic, satin, big, small...it's all in there! This one required no dabbing at all considering it's practically busting at the seams in glitter. This is one coat. 

Penny Blossoms

Penny Blossooms over China Glaze VII
Penny Blossoms is clear nail polish filled with gold, caramel, brown, and pink glitters. The glitters are round, hexagonal, and square in shape and are very sparkly. This shines like crazy! This is one coat.

Sheldon The Conqueror

STQ over NYC Fashion Safari

Sheldon the Conqueror has light blue glitters, there are red, bright yellow, mellow yellow, and white glitters in a clear base. This is one coat.

Are Those Space Pants You're Wearing?
ATSPYW? over Zoya Raven

ATSPYW? has a  black jelly base with turquoise, green, purple, and fuschia glitter. There's round, square, and hex glitters in here! The base on this is sheer so it's best to layer over a deep black or purple! The formula was great. This is two coats.

So how fun are these? I got this set for my sister because she is a BBT fan and I know she will love them but I almost want to keep them for myself! Tell me what you think and thanks for stopping by.


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