October 27, 2013

Geek Glitter - River Run

*this polish was provided for review from another blogger but I paid shipping*

Hey i'm back again! I know, two posts on Sunday! I wanted to quickly bring to you a pretty interesting polish by Glitter Geek from the Game of Thrones collection. 

River Run is described as green, blue, turquoise, and holographic gold glitter in a shimmery navy blue jelly base. This is two coats alone. The formula was pretty thick and a bit streaky from the shimmery base. I've seen a couple swatches on others and it looks much better but this definitely isn't my favorite combination for polish. The shimmery base seems to be competing with the glitter, the shimmer makes some of the glitter disappear or muddies the color of the glitter.

If you do like this polish the shop is unfortunately closed due to hiatus with no definite reopen date. So what do you think of this shade? Share in the comments and thanks for stopping by. 


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