October 7, 2013

*these items were purchased by me*

So many of you saw the mini preview to this collection on October 3rd which is the unofficial but official Mean Girls day! I watched it and much to the amusement of my fiance recited line after line from the cult classic.

So a few weeks ago I saw swatches of the Big Bang Theory collection by Mainstream Lacquer .
I thought they would make a great gift for my sister who is a BBT fan when I saw the Mean Girls collection and I was totally like:

Rini was awesome enough to make a batch of minis of both sets for me too! She was incredibly prompt with responses and shipped all the polishes safely and quickly as well.

The Rules of Feminism

I was doing some deep philosophical level thinking while watching this film Thursday night and why is this always a rule? I can understand a serious relationship but the guy that you went out on one crappy date with four years ago and haven't had contact with since? I've seen some women get fighting mad that a friend is now dating the one that you forgot about. Literally.

The Rules of Feminism is described as a bunch of sparkly glitters: pink holo squares, purple holo squares, pink holo hexes, purple holo hexes, holo purple micro hexes, light pink dots, and fuchsia dots in a clear base.. It's the ultimate girly glitter bomb! It applied nicely and has good glitter coverage. This is two coats over Barielle - Swizzle Stix.

You Can't Sit With Us!

You Can't Sit With Us is described as matte watermelon, peach, yellow, and white glitters in a clear base. I had to fish a little with this one to get the larger white glitter out but I think it had more to do with the mini bottle rather than the formula. Despite that, it was easy to apply, glitter lays flat and good coverage. This is two coats over Sinful Shine Mardi Gras.

Beware of the Plastics

Beware of the Plastics is described as white hexes of different sizes, white square glitter, white star glitter, matte plum hex glitters of different sizes, matte pink hex glitter, and holo violet micro glitter all in a clear base. I wasn't able to get any of the stars out but the mini bottle and short stem on the brush made it hard to fish for them. This one required a little dabbing for the white glitters but otherwise perfect. This is two coats over Sinful Colors - My Turn

I'm A Mouse! Duh!
I'm A Mouse, Duh! is described as MATTE grey and light pink hex glitter, and matte light pink dot glitter in a clear base. I loved this! It is my second fave of the bunch and no issues whatsoever. Great glitter coverage and...look at it! This is two coats over Spoiled - Fuzzy Dice

 Too Gay To Function

Too Gay To Function is described as a white jelly base with neon pink micro glitter, hex glitter, and square glitter. It also contains large glow in the dark particles that give your nails a speckled glow in the dark. This is my favorite! It glows! It's pink! It's everything! It applied beautifully with zero issues and is my absolute favorite of the bunch. This is two coats over Icing Gelogic - Sweetie.

 And there you have it! I'd like to personally thank Rini for making these polishes I love all things Mean Girls. You can purchase the polishes here. That's all for now folks but remember....


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