December 12, 2013

So Rescue Beauty Lounge recently had their very first sale and I took advantage because this is a brand I had been eying literally for years but the price tag always deterred me. Well the 50% off sale placed them right in my budget so I took advantage with these four that I will be reviewing today.

Piu Mosso has a very deep blue base with gorgeous bronzey pink  shimmer. In the bottle the shimmer is incredibly vivid and looks glowy, on the nail it is not quite as vivid but hard to capture on camera. The formula was poor and difficult to work with. This is three coats with top coat.

Jane is a neutral tan polish with gorgeous gold shimmer. In the bottle it's a bit hard to see the shimmer unless you catch it in the light, and it's virtually invisible on he nail. The formula on this one was much better than the others but only decent. This is two coats with no top coat.

Catherine H has a medium blue base with small blue and pink flecks. The formula was similar to Jane. This is two coats with no top coat.

Turn It Around  has a murky army green base with pink shimmer. The formula on this one was okay and the shimmer very apparent. Initially I really hated this color and couldn't understand why I purchased it but it's sorta growing on me. This is two coats with no top coat.

Overall i'm really glad I waited on a sale to try these polishes because at $18-20 each I expect much better quality in formula. I would definitely give them another shot if something incredibly unique is released but otherwise, the formula isn't a match for me.

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