January 29, 2014

So, if you didn't know I lived in Seattle for 10+ years and it's pretty much home. If you've also been underneath a rock or don't watch or enjoy football for some bizarre reason the Seahawks won the NFC Championship against the San Francisco 49ers(also a team I love, I know I know) and are going to the Superbowl for the second time in the franchise history!

So, in support of my team i've done a little nail art to give them some mojo to help them win their first Superbowl!

 I started with Deborah Lippmann - My Prerogative on my index, ring and pinky finger. 
I added two coats of American Apparel - Neon Green on the middle finger.
I used a dotting tool and alternated My Prerogative and Neon Green.
I added a large block of white polish on the middle finger and used a striper to add two lines using My Prerogative. 
Then I applied my Seahawks nail decal (purchased here) and sealed it all in with top coat.
I added the number 12 freehand (as you can clearly tell) using black and white polish with a striper.

The decals did NOT like the top coat that I was using for some reason so I recommend maybe using a non fast drying top coat. 

 But from a distance, who will know? And look at my Percy Harvin jersey!

For this version I started out with two coats of white polish on all nails. I then did a gradient using a sponge Neon Green and My Prerogative. Then I added the decal with no top coat this time around and done!

So who are you rooting for in the Superbowl? What is your favorite Superbowl party snack? Let me know in the comments and thanks for stopping by...and Go Hawks!

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